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The Objective of the Simulation and Gaming virtual Laboratory at the Department of Industrial and System Engnineering is to design simulation experiments on various aspects of Industrial Engineering and Management. Specific case studies would be drawn from areas such as supply chain management, e-business and decision sciences. These simulation experiments would be of interest to the UG as well as PG students of Industrial Engineering and Production Engineering, and also to the students of management.

All the simulation experiments will be web-based. Most of the simulation experiments would employ concepts of gaming. Some of these experiments would involve multiple participants while others would involve one or two participants. The experiments will provide a virtual business environment where the participants will interact and make decisions. The outcome of these decisions would be fed back to the participants for making further decisions and eventually generating system behavior over a period of time. The procedure to setup and operate will appear in the web site to help an instructor operating from a remote location. Some of the simulation exercises are meant for individual participants. Here also the participants would generate various scenarios on the basis of their decisions and strategies. At the end of each simulation experiment, the participants would appear for an online quiz where their understanding on the topic will be tested.

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